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 1) Turn yourself into a bird or a cat:

Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to soar like an eagle or to have an underside perspective like a cat? Well, now you can! All you need to do is to dive underwater at the Del Perro Pier or go to the mysterious Mount Chiliad and look around for some Peyote plant. Chew on that and you will take a hallucinatory trip as a bird or a cat! Feels like taking too much weed (I guess. LOL!)

GTA 5 birdSource: Taltigolt


2) Commandeer a military jet (Okay, okay, steal a military jet)

Well, at times we all need to be a little crazy to show others what we are capable of. One of the craziest things you will ever get to do on GTA5 is to steal a Hydra jet. Now, this jet is something to drool over. It comes with machine guns and rockets to bomb the hell out of anywhere you want! It’s a big toy for big boys. Where is it? In the deep west at a military base called Fort Zancudo (check the in-game map).  Getting it involves breaking into the military base, fighting off dozens of soldiers, and successfully taking off without getting shot down. Well, good luck with that. You will need it!

Steal a jet on gta 5Source: Ayush Jaiswal


3) See something freaky

Well, you want to see something freaky, and creepy. Okay, you can stop now! Don’t wet your pants yet. It’s just a ghost. And this is not some Ouija board sh*t. You don’t get to summon this ghost, you simply see it. And everyone playing GTA5 will see it if they happen to go to exactly where we say at the same time of the day. So, without delaying this info any further, get on your bike or something and head to Mount Gordo. There you will see a real ghost somewhere on the mountain. Just make sure you are there at 11 pm (in-game time) otherwise you won’t see it. There is a mystery to it which we will let you find out for yourself.

Scary ghost on gta 5Source: Ryan Jones Blog


4) Here is something you most probably don’t know

The more money you have the more your hospital bill will be (surprisingly true even in real life). And vice versa – the less money you have, the less your hospital bill will be. Why is this important? Well, most of the time, cash is scarce in GTA5. And unfortunately, you have to spend money to have fun. So if you have plenty of cash and you are planning on doing something that will get you hurt, put all your in-game cash somewhere (e.g. BAWSAQ stock market, or buy property) and have only a little cash at hand so that you pay less at the hospital. Otherwise, you will be charged an arm and a leg to get treated.

GTA 5 hospital

Source: GTA Wiki

5) Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and aliens . . .  plenty of them

There are about four UFOs in GTA5. These UFOs add to the mystery of the game and thicken the main plot and side plots. Somewhere in the game, you will start wondering what happened to the aliens who were piloting or manning these “ships”. Why haven’t you seen any of them so far? Well, if you haven’t seen one yet, here is how you will find it: in the prologue, drive under the bridge when escaping and you will see a frozen alien beneath the ice. Cool, right!

GTA 5 aliensSource: My Proffs

Now, that you know all these secrets, go and check them out! 

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